Wewe is a Swahili word that means YOU. This is about us.

WEWE Import was founded by Suzanne Chartier in 2011, a lawyer from Quebec (Canada) who, during her extensive travels was particularly fascinated by the natural beauty and casual elegance of African native art and beadwork.

Since then the company has grown to include distributors in Spain, France, USA and Canada. Our vision is to become one of the leader in high end fashion assessories. Product Lines are expanding as we try to create beautiful and unique designs that serve the needs of our customers. The whole staff at WEWE Import is committed to providing quality products and services and making the customer experience a pleasant one.

This year will see the official opening of our shop in Javea
Spain, which will be opened from June to September.


The sandals are named after the tribes found in Kenya. The inspiration came from going on a fantastic safari in the Rift Valley. Beaded work, reclycled metal, old tires and solid hand casted brass buckles and d-rings are used to make unique and timeless designs. We can also produce exclusive products and designs (especially made for WEWE (meaning YOU).


Any order you make helps the Kenyan families who work with us and gives them the opportunity to give food, medication and an education to their children. We work with small workshops where most of the work is done by hand (no children). Our commitment to keep them busy while they continue to produce quality craftmanship is our priority. Through your continued support, this is made possible. I personally also support an orphanage in Lamu. Please join me in helping the Kenyan people get a better life!