Prices are in US $. Items will be shipped from Canada.
The Dog collars come in 5 sizes, XS to XL.
The Linx Collection are 50$ XS, S and M 60$ L 65$, XL 70$.
Handmade in Kenya by Masai women.
Genuine leather, brass buckles.
Thight V pattern in the Paka colors. Patterns may vary slightly depending on the size. This pattern is taken from a photo of a belt. Brown, black, white, blue, gold.



Creative beaded work inspired by the Masai tribe of Kenya

Leather dog collars, they have been tested in time. The buckles are handmade of brass in Kenya. Once in a while, just a little lemon and salt will make it shine again. Write to us for wholesale prices. We have storage in Spain, and Canada.

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