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100% cotton kikoi.

The towels can be used in many ways, a shawl, a blanket a beach towels!!!

Reg size:55$US plus shipping.
XL size: 90$US plus shipping


The Kikois and kikoi towels come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. Small= 4'1''x2'3''. Medium = 5'3'' x 3'2''. Large =7'9'' by 5'2''. The Medium size kikoi towels come with a small pocket where you can put your keys or phone.

VERY VERSATILE: Kikois and Kikoi towels can be used as beach towel, a blanket for babies or on the plane, as a shawl to keep you warm, on a table or on a couch as a throw. They make a great GIFT any time. The question is really, which COLOR?

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The kikoi is a great fabric, washes well, keeps its color and is natural. They are often used in Africa to make cushions covers or curtains. With a little creativitity they can make nice clothes. We have made beach bags with them.There are many possibilities, when you find good fabric, it is the base for any garnment. Please contact use for wholesale prices and quatities.